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‘Masking’ in the Sun

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'Masking' in the Sun

‘Masking’ in the Sun. Chlorine-drenched, crispy, sizzled locks are often the results of a sun-soaked holiday and is when my hair is really in need of a trusty treatment, many of which work best applied with gentle warmth, so I’ve been making the most of the rays when they aren’t at their blazing best by slathering the stuff on and sitting out in the early evening heat, mojito in hand. Two masks, two methods, here’s how it’s done…

L’Occitane’s 5 Essential Oils mask for dry and damaged hair is of the creamy consistency kind. This does all it says on the tin by restoring, repairing, regenerating, and protecting against environmental effects – plus it smells like sweets, need I say more? This one gets applied to damp, post-shampooed hair so I’ll hang about in the heat for 10 minutes and let it work its magic before then giving it a rinse out and following with my conditioner. A solid to the liquid-type offering is Ojon’s Restorative Hair Treatment Plus – a thick, waxy balm, which when warmed through the palms, melts into a moisturizing oil. Heads up: hard masks like this left out to melt pre-application are a whole lot easier to use when it comes to smothering on. Unlike the other, this gets dispersed through dry hair and so I’ll slick it through the lengths of my locks, allow it to soak in, and feed my thirsty follicles before shampooing and conditioning as normal.

'Masking' in the Sun

Sun-aside, there are other warming techniques, tips and tricks to get those masks sinking further into your strands. A blast with the blow-dryer on low or scraping everything up in a plastic cap and allowing the shower steam to do its thang works just as well. For now I’ll be making the most of this method – an excuse to lap up 10 extra minutes in the Summer rays and a tan top-up in the meanwhile? I’m there.

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